Trinity Forest Brewing Company Volunteer Registration

By clicking the "Submit" button at the end of this page, I affirm that as a volunteer member for Trinity Forest Brewing Company, I agree to:

  1. Place safety and well-being first.

  2. Represent Trinity Forest Brewing Company in a professional manner that presents a positive image to the community.

  3. Grant Trinity Forest Brewing Company permission to use, edit, alter, or copy my photographs, likeness, voice, or words, in any and all publications, in any form of media, including Web sites, without payment or any other compensation and to grant the brewery all rights to release any photos or videos taken of me or by me in connection with volunteering activities to the media.

  4. Protect the privacy, and security of confidential information at all times. I also agree to access confidential information to the minimum extent necessary for my assigned volunteer duties and only disclose such information to persons authorized to receive it.

  5. Accept the Waiver of Liability Agreement: In consideration of Trinity Forest Brewing Company allowing me (my child/children) to participate as a Volunteer, and that possible injuries could occur as a result of that participation, I on behalf of myself (my minor child/children) release Trinity Forest Brewing Company’s employees, agents, partners, shareholders from any and all injuries and damages whatsoever arising from participation in the event. I, my heirs and representative, agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Trinity Forest Brewing Company, its employees, agents, partners, shareholders from any and all claims made by me (my child/children) or my insurer for injuries or damages related to this event.

As a volunteer I affirm that:

  1. I will follow the guidelines communicated to me as they pertain to my volunteer activities.

  2. I agree not to consume, use, possess, or be under the influence of any drug/alcohol products while volunteering.

  3. I understand that any conduct that disrupts, diminishes or otherwise jeopardizes public will result in dismissal.

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